cytoflame, your gas burner solutions company.


Cytoflame is a company founded on a wealth of experience and knowledge spanning over 20 years. Innovative solutions create the highest quality. We still get excited about gas combustion. 

Flexibility and work to timescales in an industry where time is often of the essence.

The diversity, where every project has different requirements, means that we are constantly progressing, enhancing our wide and ever expanding skills base.  

Our objective is to be creative and determined, who like to think outside the box.  This combination is what leads us to product solutions which may be otherwise dismissed as impossible.  Over the last years, we have had the pleasure to work with entrepreneurs, startups, large and small businesses.

Services and products

Cytoflame is specialized in custom burner design and advice for the products stated underneath.

Gas fires

Gas grills

Industrial infrared drying

Wall-hung boilers

Terrace heating

Burner modules


Other various gas burner applications


We have a proven track record that spans over a decade of innovating on demand. Game-changing product design development starts with our unique vision, as product designer, try a different way of looking at the same set of real-world problems to increase chances of discovery. Looking for a customized solution?

Get in touch, we love a challenge.

Check out some of our projects below!


Complete gas burner assembly.


Decorative burner assembly.


Premix burner assembly.


Infrared burner assembly.


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